When Advertising moves from TV to internet. Multi devices campaign creation based on brand video.
Head of product Designers | Managing 13 Designers around the world.

Ebuzzing Dashboard

Customers wants to undestand the impact of their campaign.
UI/UX | Design mockups based on metrics library | Working closely with the Dashboard team.

Ebuzzing Demo Box

How to offer offline video demo using real content ?
UI/UX | Product manager | Working closely with commercial and tech team.

Cook'n City

C to C cooking platform | When your neighborhood can become your favorite cheef.
UI/UX | Product manager

Pimp my ads

Video Advertising for Mobile. Create value for mobile devices based on scalability production.
UI/UX | Product manager

My City Dance Tour

1st Dance show in the world. Vote for your favorite one.
UI/UX | Webdesigner

Online With You

Marketing website for Perrine Carpentier.
UI/UX | Based on a WP template to provide admin

L'Invité Des Marques

Market place for Private sold | Like Vente Privée | Showroom Privé | Design of the market place and commercial event.
UI/UX | Head of design


Market Place | Like Darty | Rue Du Commerce | Design of marketing operation, creation of newsletter template